Week 34 and 35 Update

The Sedum is now fully in flower and both the traditional and “unusual” varieties are producing good quality stems.

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The week 20 planting of Trachelium has now all been cropped.  This is a replicated trial looking at pinched or not pinched and the performance of different varieties.  The number of marketable stems per plot has been recorded as well as stem weight and length.  The week 17 crop is regrowing well but it will be interesting to see if they have enough growing time left to make any marketable stems.  The week 24 crop is now just beginning to crop.

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The brassica continues to grow vigorously and a regular spray programme has kept the caterpillar and whitefly at bay.

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The later plantings of seed raised fillers are all growing well with no signs of the problems seen on the earlier plantings.  I does seem that herbicide residues from last years lily herbicide trial is the most likely reason for the earlier problems.

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The lily alternative media trial at Stephen Munson’s was harvested and assessed at the beginning of week 34.  James Coles trial was assessed at the end of week 34.